Top Row (L to R)

Mrs Savage (Headteacher), Mrs Irwin (Acting Depute Headteacher), Miss Noon (Acting Principal Teacher), Mrs Lorenzetti (Support for Learning Teacher), Mrs McCarter Gall (Senior Early Years Officer), Mrs Kinnaird (Senior Early Years Officer), Mrs Saloutous (Early Years Officer).


2nd Row (L to R)

Miss McGuire (Teacher), Miss Walker (Teacher), Mrs Clezy (Teacher), Mrs Martin (Teacher), Mrs Hughes (Teacher), Mrs O’Donohue (Teacher), Miss Duffy (Probationer Teacher), Miss Rooney (Teacher), Miss Munro (Teacher).


3rd Row (L to R)

Mrs Podmore (Teacher), Miss Derrick (Specialist Music Teacher), Mrs MacLeod (Specialist PE Teacher), Mrs Morrison (Specialist PE Teacher), Mrs Mitchell (Senior Cook), Mr Clark (Janitor), Mr Smith (Janitor), Mr McClennan (Apprentice Janitor).


4th Row (L to R)

Mrs McLaren (Support for Learning Assistant), Mrs Galloway (Support for Learning Assistant), Mrs Angus (Support for Learning Assistant), Mrs Heeps (Clerical Assistant).











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