Support for Children and Families in the Falkirk area.

“The Scottish Government aims to give every child and young person the best possible start in life. It works to provide support for children, families and carers – especially those in difficult circumstances – and will act to ensure that our most vulnerable children have the protection they deserve.”

Parents work hard to “Get it Right” for their children.  The GIRFEC approach recognises parents and carers as the major supports in children and young people’s lives and the approach aims to encourage a culture of partnership between parents and the services they might need to use. Being a parent can be very rewarding but it can also be very challenging.  There are times, in any family, when advice or support can help to solve a problem or address a challenge. GIRFEC is all about placing children and young people’s needs first and in the Falkirk area every effort is being made to get it right for our young people.

In Falkirk the large number of organisations involved in the support of young people and families are working hard to link their services together as effectively as possible. Each organisation shares the aims of the new national “Getting it Right for Every Child” approach and now we have national support to drive forward, together, within this agreed approach. This approach is based on research and evidence of what works well and vitally is all about you, the parents and carers being supported to work with professionals to give children and young people the best start we can and improve their life opportunities.



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